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Elle Wild is the owner and principal in Codependent Films, a fresh and playful production company that knows the value of teamwork.


Codependent Films has coproduced two award-winning films to date, which Wild wrote and directed.

Sinking 1.jpg
Sinking 2.jpg

Swimming Lessons

Swimming Lessons

This short film starring Jodelle Ferland (Tideland, Twilight) made a splash at 20 festivals internationally and was nominated Best Short Drama at the Hollywood Digital Film Festival 2007. 

Woman Praying
Bokeh of Shibuya Shopping Street .jpg
Woman Praying
Woman Praying

Diary of an Alien

22 minute / short documentary

A multiple award-winning short that won the Jury Prize at Yorkton Film Festival, the Bronze Award at the Tokyo Video Festival, Best Picture at the Zoie Film Festival, was nominated for Best Director at Hot Docs, and more. 


Diary of an Alien screened in 20 festivals internationally, was voted one of the "Top 10 Short Documentaries of All Time" by in 2000, and was broadcast on television around the globe, including Canada, Australia, Japan, and the Netherlands.


Fun fact:  In Australia, Diary of an Alien was broadcast on a late-night program called  "Eat Carpet".

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